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Damon's Den Doberman Rescue of Western Pennsylvania


We at Damon's Den Doberman Rescue of Western PA think that nutritional education is an important part of dog ownership. Just as eating junk is not healthy for humans, the same applies to our canine friends. Several of our group members feed a raw diet. We feel that a raw diet is the best type of food that your dog can get for optimal health. It sets the stage for a healthy immune system and a healthy weight. Your dog gets its best chance of the longest life it can have with the implementation of a raw diet. There are several different interpretations of a raw diet. Most of our raw feeders feed just plain raw style but there is also what is called a BARF diet out there. BARF meaning Bones And Raw Food or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. We prefer the raw approach, not BARF, but BARF is light years ahead of kibble should that be the path that you choose. The basic difference between raw and BARF is that raw is based on the fact that a dog is indeed a carnivore. BARF is based on a dog being an omnivore. BARF also is often implememted by premade raw bought in a store. Homemade raw just plain raw meat is best. It is very important that one does the proper amount of research and reading before starting any new diet. Talk to others who are experienced. Here is a great place to read about raw. Here is a site to learn about BARF.

Second to the raw diets are homemade cooked diets. Again, this is light years away from kibble and promotes a healthier immune system for your dog. And also again, research is needed in order to prepare the diet properly so that your dog will have all the nutrients that he should. A good homemade diet is outlined well on here.

Third behind the home prepared diets is premium kibble. You really do get what you pay for! Yes, they are expensive but they are well worth the price in order to give your dog the best chance he can have. The publication Whole Dog Journal has a yearly review of dry and canned foods. We recommend subscribing to this newsletter. It is worth the price. They do not accept advertising dollars so their reviews are never biased. They talk directly with the dog food manufacturers in most cases and give a great detailed account of what is right and wrong in many foods.

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