Damon's Den Doberman Rescue of Western Pennsylvania

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Volunteer & Fostering Application
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Specifics About You
What are your volunteer interests?
Foster Home
Home Visits
Phone interviews and reference checks
Web Assistance
Why are you interested in volunteering with Damon's Den?
Have you ever volunteered with another rescue or shelter?
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If yes, what do/did you do?
If you left, why?
Have you or anyone in your immediate family ever been convicted on a charge of or related to cruelty to animals?
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Is any such charge currently pending?
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Please provide the following references:
Veterinarian name, address and phone number:
Date and reason of last visit:
Name, address & phone number of a local individual (not related to you) who knows/has known your pets:
Fostering Interests
Have you ever owned a dog before?
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If yes, what happened to them?
Do you:
Own Rent Lease  
Home type:
Townhouse/Duplex Single Family Apartment Mobile Home
If you rent, a copy of the lease will be required before you will be able to foster any dogs. Is this acceptable?
Yes No Explanation if needed
How long have you been at your present address? (If less than 2 years, what was your previous address?)
Please list all animals in household: Name, Breed, Gender, Spay/Neuter, Age, Where Kept (all information must be provided!)
Please list all other dogs owned in the past: Name, Breed, Reason no longer own (if death, please give reason and age died).
Do you have access to a fenced in area for exercise of the dogs?
Yes (please describe):
If no fencing, how would you safely confine the dog when time to exercise/relieve him/herself?
Are any household members at home during the day?
Yes No  
If yes, who?
If no, how long will the dog be alone during the day?
Where will you keep the dog(s) during the day?
Where will the dog(s) be kept at night?
Where are dogs kept when you are away overnight or on vacation?
Please list everyone residing in your home, including Name, Relationship and Age for all:
Does anyone have allergies to animals?
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Have you ever taken in a dog that you have not raised from a puppy?
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Have you ever cared for a friend's dog in your own home?
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Are you familiar with any dog training methods?
No Yes If yes, what style?
Are you familiar with the transitional period that dogs go through when they are removed from their home or a shelter and begin to settle into a new home?
Yes No  
What are some of the behaviors you can expect to see/experience, and how would you handle them?
Do you have any limitations on how long you can keep a foster?
No Yes How long?
Are you able to provide for day to day needs for a foster dog, such as dog food? (Basic vet expenses are provided for.)
Yes No
Do you have an area where you can keep a foster dog separated from your pets/family until he/she has adjusted to your home?
No Yes (where)  
What are your feelings on crate training?
Do you own any crates large enough for Dobermans?
Yes No
Would you be willing to foster a dog with any of the following handicaps/issues?
Physical handicap
Not good with children
Not good with other animals
Not housebroken
Transport Interest
What is your availability for transports?
How far are you willing to drive?
Do you have a method of restraining dogs in your car?
No Yes What type?
Home Visit Interest
Are you comfortable visiting people you have never met for the purpose of approving them to adopt a Doberman?
Yes No  
Do you have a Doberman you can bring along with you?
Yes No  
Are you able to politely but firmly point out things to a homeowner that may injure a Doberman in the house and yard?
Yes No  
Can you suggest things that will make an adoption go smoother?
Yes No  
Are you willing to be a support contact for a family you have done a home check on, once they have adopted a Doberman from Damon's Den?
Yes No  
May we visit your home and check your references to verify the information you have provided?
Yes No  

Upon final approval as a volunteer and acceptance into the rescue group, I understand:

** I am free to make suggestions that might improve any aspect of the group's procedures.
** Final decisions on all Rescue Operations are made by the group's President.
** I agree to abide by all Procedures and Adminstrative requirements set forth by the President or the Rescue.
** I also agree that any actions I take as a volunteer that are contrary to the instructions I am given on any assignments related to the Rescue make me solely liable for the consequences of said contrary actions.
** I further agree to hold harmless and indemnify the President of DDDR and DDDR, Inc. from any costs or damages incurred by me or a third party as a result of my contrary actions.
By signing this, I agree that I have read and understood the previous statements.

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