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Damon's Den Doberman Rescue of Western Pennsylvania

About Damon's Den

Who We Are

We are a group of Western PA & WV Doberman lovers trying to rescue and re-home abandoned, displaced and unwanted Dobermans into loving and caring homes in our surrounding area. The rescue is dedicated to and named after my beloved Doberman, Damon, whom I lost after much too short a time due to complications from Wobblers. May we do Damon justice in helping as many lost souls as we can. It is very important to us to correctly match each dog with their new home. We spend a lot of time making sure that we make the right decision so please be patient with us. Rescued Dobermans are not necessarily all abused and scared dogs. Many of these dogs are being re-homed due to divorce, owner's medical issues, military services, economic hard times, etc. Don't pass up what may be the most wonderful companion in the world for you because of misconceptions. Please fill out an application if you are interested in one of our dogs and live in the appropriate area, and a rescue rep will call you within 7 days to discuss it. NO INQUIRIES, INCLUDING PHONE CALLS, WILL BE PROCESSED WITHOUT A COMPLETED APPLICATION. Please be patient with us when awaiting a return call or email as we all work full time 'regular' jobs and help the Dobermans in our 'spare' time. We look forward to placing our Dobermans in wonderful homes!

Adopting a friend

All adopters must live in the western PA/northwestern WV area and complete an application, allow a home visit and meet with any dog that they are interested in or who we decide might be the best match, before approving any adoption. All dogs are current on all vaccines and altered, and on heartworm preventative before placement. They also may be chipped depending on our funds at the time. All adoptions require the signing of several contracts and agreement to all of our conditions including follow ups and formal training after adoption. Our adoption donation is $200.00 but our main concern is a wonderful home that will give our dogs the love and care that they deserve so in certain circumstances, the fee may be reduced. We "wish upon a star" for every dog to have a securely fenced in yard but we also understand reality so each home is evaluated individually. We only adopt to inside homes where our wonderful Dobermans are treated as much loved family members, exactly as we treat our own dogs. Nothing less will do!

Adoption Policy FAQ-Everything you wanted to know about adopting a rescued Doberman but were afraid to ask!


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