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Damon's Den Doberman Rescue of Western Pennsylvania

Q: "How much is the adoption fee?
A: Generally, the adoption donation is $200.00. although it may be a bit higher in the case of very young puppies and lower in the case of a senior, special needs dog or a mixed breed. Exceptions will be noted in the dog's bio.

Q: "What does the adoption fee cover?"
A: The adoption donation can cover spaying/neutering, current distemper/parvo and rabies vaccinations, de-worming, heartworm testing, sometimes microchipping and general care of the animals (food, medication, vet care, etc.). Not all dogs will need all that is mentioned medically. However, what one dog does not need, usually the next dog needs more of. The adoption donations help us to ensure that we can help any dog that we need to. We never make any money from an adoption. All donations are appreciated.

Q: "Why do we need to complete an application?"
A: We have taken the time to learn each dog's personality and by having an idea of who you are to initially screen the proper home for the dog, we can get an idea of which dog may be just right for you. Some dogs may have difficulty in a busy family setting, while others may be too active for an elderly family. We try to place the right dog with the right owner. We get many inquiries on each dog. We need this simple but effective way to screen potential adopters in order to make the best choices for the dogs in our care.

Q: "Why do we need to have a phone interview/home visit?
A: Anyone can say they are whomever they want. In order to ensure that our dogs are matched to the best homes for them, we need to get an idea of who you are. The phone interview is the second step in that process. The third step is the home visit. Seeing how you live and treat your current animals/family members assists us in making the best choices for each dog. We often bring the dog that you are interested in along on the home visit. Or if that is impractical, we bring one of our own dogs. The knowledge that we gain by doing this is invaluable in choosing the right home.

Q: "Why do I have sign a contract? Can't I just pick the animal I want and take him/her home?"
A: Damon's Den Doberman Rescue of Western PA makes a commitment to our dogs to place them in safe and loving forever homes. The contract is our agreement with you to provide such a home for them.

Q: "Why don't you place dogs outside of your area? I am willing to provide references and drive to meet and pick up the dog. Shouldn't that be enough?
A: Damon's Den Doberman Rescue is very serious about our responsibility to the dogs that we make a commitment to. We do all of our own home visits. We know our dogs' needs best. We cannot be sure that someone who although well meaning, may know what any of our dogs might need in a home. Since we are all volunteers, we can only commit to driving certain distances from our own homes and responsibilities. That does not allow us to responsibly place outside of our placement area. We are committed to ensuring that our dogs receive the best matched to them homes. So we place where we can comfortably drive to. Currently, our placement area includes a 3 hour one way drive within PA state lines, from Pittsburgh. And a 2 hour one way drive within WV from Pittsburgh. Thank you for respecting and understanding our limitations. We can assist you in locating a rescuer closer to you if you are out of our placement area.

Q: "If this doesn't work out - what can I do?"
A: Owning a Doberman is a big responsibility. This is why we interview prospective owners before hand. It's also why you must sign a contract with Damon's Den Doberman Rescue of Western PA. We make a strong commitment to all of our Dobermans. The contract states that when circumstances make it impossible for a Doberman to remain with the adoptive home, it is a requirement that Damon's Den Doberman Rescue of Western PA be notified and the Doberman returned to us. This will allow us to place the dog with a new owner.

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